Friday, March 16, 2012

Wolves Only Party! And some new items

Some new items and the new party I'm about to show! First some new items I want to show you guys. In the Jam Mart Clothing, the Clover Balloon!

In the Wolves Only Party, Wolf Throne!

In Barhari Bargains, Clover Necklace!

Now for the Wolves only party! Remember it's ONLY for wolves. :3 Here's what the entrance looks like.

Then there's the shop! And me with my new buddy. :)

Here's what the shop inside looks like.

Also when you get close to the lava you turn red! And wow it's really hot!

Also when you cover yourself with mud in Appondale and go near the lava you turn fully red! Also they have stairs which is very different from the Volcano Den. You see I'm still red from the lava!

Also you can get a mini Moon from clicking the Moon.

Hope you jammers have a great day! Keep jamming!

1 comment:

  1. The party was so much fun :D. It was really cool being there with you! CYa L8r!


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