Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update Tonight

Omg sorry I haven't been posting!!!! >.< I've been so busy all week!!! Anyway they updating blogger in April and an update in Animal Jam! Which means octopuses! Make sure to get the clearance items and the Lucky Day items in stores!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snowy Paw Prints!

Sorry I've been real busy doing homework for tomorrows school and other stuff, so here's today/yesterday item, heheh. It's a den item it's called Snowy Paw Prints they are located at Jam Mart Furniture.

There's only one color of it and I heard there's some glitch about the mail sneak peak, hmmm... I'll have to post about that later! Bye Jammers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Endangered Monkeys and New stuff

Very sad thing is that everyday plants and animals lose their lifes like Big Cats some are endangered and Jamaa is losing monkeys which are becoming extinct in a few weeks. :( Better buy them before they become extinct in a few weeks! Extinct means that species doesn't live on Earth or a planet anymore.

Also there's a new underwater den called Lost Ruins.

Also new underwater den items.

Happy Jamming!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Rare

Today is Monday and you know what that means! "Rare Monday" They have the item in the Jam Mart Clothing, about 5 pages away they are called "Rare Gazelle Horns" they cost 650 and only for members which kinda stinks. :L

And sorry about the party it didn't go well only one person showed up so I didn't take any pictures that really messed up my heart I did lots of awesome decorating. :L Happy jamming!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Reminder!

Make sure to be ready! And bringing Lucky Day clothing is optional. Make sure to be nice to other party animals! Also I'll be taking some pictures to put on my blog! If you forgot the time or whatever you can check out this link to the post with the information: Party Information Here! If I don't make it means that like it's actually my mom's birthday and if I don't make it I'll put the party on Saturday. We are going to a restaurant called Perkins I might NOT actually make it to the party. So it might be moved to Saturday. :( So remember Saturday!

Wolves Only Party! And some new items

Some new items and the new party I'm about to show! First some new items I want to show you guys. In the Jam Mart Clothing, the Clover Balloon!

In the Wolves Only Party, Wolf Throne!

In Barhari Bargains, Clover Necklace!

Now for the Wolves only party! Remember it's ONLY for wolves. :3 Here's what the entrance looks like.

Then there's the shop! And me with my new buddy. :)

Here's what the shop inside looks like.

Also when you get close to the lava you turn red! And wow it's really hot!

Also when you cover yourself with mud in Appondale and go near the lava you turn fully red! Also they have stairs which is very different from the Volcano Den. You see I'm still red from the lava!

Also you can get a mini Moon from clicking the Moon.

Hope you jammers have a great day! Keep jamming!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Item

Today's item is Clover Earmuffs. You can find them in the Mt.Shiveer Shop.

I also noticed that they made a mistake in the jellyfish fact in Tierney's Aquarium, they misspelled Length wrong.

Happy Jamming! :3

New stuff and Jellyfish!

Finally it was actually 3 weeks I think? Anyway there's new exciting stuff! And Elf Braclets are on Clearance. There's something exciting in Crystal Sands! Tierney's Aquarium! Here's what it looks on the outside.

Here's what it looks like in the inside!

Upstairs. They have a awesome fish view too.

They have a game in there which you can get prizes from.

Also a special exit that leads to Kani Cove!

They also have a theater! Here's what it looks like inside.

Also the new animal which is an Octopus is coming out next update!

Also there's a new pet called the Jellyfish!!!

Here's what mine looks like.

Jellyfish can play music! Wonderful music! :3

Also they have a new party! And it's only for wolves only! It's called Wolves Only Party.

I'll be making a new post for that party soon! And AJ is finally making another contest and there can only be 3 winners! Hope I get mine in right away.

I'll be putting the Clearance items on my clearance blog: Tornado Warning! Make sure to check it out to find out the clearance items! Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update Soon?

When I was logging back on I saw this message from AJ HQ, is Crystal Sands changing forever? Or is something else changing? But make sure to get your Lucky Day items before the update!!!!

Here are just some pictures of the messages they sent us.
Have a fun day jammers!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Make sure to go to my party so that we can have a blast! Also I take pictures of the party! Also the "Rare Monday" item was a Viking Hat! They aren't in the stores anymore. If you forget the invitation you can go to this post! Click Here! Also I'll be posting everyday if I can, I've been busy getting stuff for the party, and going to school, and doing homework. Make sure to click the link! Happy Luck Day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Some New Items

I've been getting stuff ready for the St. Patrick's Day! But also I've been working on homework and other stuff, so anyways here's the new items for today!

Also a new flag in the Flag Shop. But I don't have time to put in a picture of it. Reminder the party is on the 16th of March which is on Friday. Happy Lucky Day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party!

Here's the party I promised to hand out to you! Remember there's different time zones! But I got it all in the bag, There's food and trading and dancing and talking with your friends! You can bring Lucky Day clothing items but that's optional. Here's the invite.

Party Imformation:
Server: Elbe or when it's full: Asaro
Time Zones(The time the party starts): 7:30 central time
8:30 eastern time
6:30 mountain time
5:30 pacific time
When is the party: March 16th, Friday
Place: My den! My username: kittins3. Also my den will be unlocked
Ending time: When my den empties

Make sure to be there! ;D

Monday Rare

Sorry I haven't been posting in the past days I have lots of things on my mind like school, homework, and Spring Break for me! I get a whole week off from school. So anyway here's Monday's rare!

You can see the new tag they put on the item, how handy is that?! And I decided for a new party! And it's going to be on my Spring Break! Which is next week. I'll be handing out invites on the next post thats coming up in a hour or so. Happy Lucky Day!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucky Party!

Promised you guys a sneak at the Lucky Party! But first some peaks at the new items today. In the Jam Mart Furniture, a Frozen Torch.

Also a new item in Epic Wonders!

Also here's a sneak peak at the new animal/pets coming soon!

Ok now for the Lucky Party! When you enter you see a shop here.

Here's what they sell.

Here's a second shop they have! It sells music.

Here's me and fishgurrrl sitting at the table. :3

And here's the huge clover circle!

When you click on the circle you get a clover from it! It's awesome. :D

And there's a new name for your animal!

Happy Lucky Day! :)
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