Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horses are here and other stuff!

Yay horses are here I'm so excited! Also Elf Braclets have returned! Heres the new items.

In Jam Mart Clothing...Elf Braclets and the Firefighter Hat.

In the New Year 2012 Party...A new 2012 banner and the firework was in shop before.

In Animal Museum...Horse staue and Horse Banner, also a Horse topiary, Giant Horse Plushie.

In Jam Mart Furniture...Green Welcome Mat, and the return of Crystals!
In Hot Cocoa Hut...Cozy Shoes.

Also a new pet is comin and its a puzzle so I putted the puzzle together.

Heres the Original Picture:

Heres after I put it together it was fun to put it together ^-^:

It's a Snake just like Sizzlert had! I'm so excited for the next update! Also new things in Bahari Bargains and some things in Bahari Bargains are on Clearance so hurry!

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