Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brat on Animal Jam

When I was in Jamaa Township Silverwolf202 with a pink party hat bragged and made fun of people with no party hat and people started getting mad...I mean like MAD not that kind of mad just mad.And she said she was 13 but she acted like a 5 year old and she was pink and bratty girls like pink, I don't like pink thank goodness. Report Silverwolf202.

And don't mind the name tag its a glitch.


  1. Oh gosh pink I don't like that color at all!No lie!What is with people on AJ these days?Sadly so many people are like that I mean sure you can still say look at my cool hat but bragging,thats SOOO NOT COOL!!So all that I need to say is....NO BRAGGING PEOPLE!!!

  2. pink is my least favorite color my fav color is black :3i know blacks isnt a color but it is to me!

  3. I hate pink. My fav color is green black blue red and purple. And that girl is your right a brat. Mostly I would tell AJHQ. And right now I looked on her profile and I think she said bye bye to her party hat XD


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