Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coral Fence Piece

Here's today's item it is a underwater den item in Sunken Treasures, it's called the Coral Fence Piece.

Also a new animal is coming! It says on The Daily Explorer here's a picture they gave us on their blog.

It pretty much looks like the octopus on the log in page.

So the new animal is a Octopus! I don't know why they didn't say a new animal was coming in the Jamaa Newspaper maybe it will come out in a few weeks. Reminder, make sure to get all of your Presidents Day items! And enter the code BFF4EVER it expires tomorrow! Happy Leap Year!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Party!!!

Today we have the rare monday item and lots of more stuff! I'll talk about the Leap Year Party! So now about the Lionfish Armors, they are the Rare Monday item?! Anyway make sure you get them before they go away!

Also there's a new flag in the Flag Shop.

Now for the Leap Year Party! First when you enter you see a fact icon!

When you click it, shows a fact about Leap Year.

Also on the ladder you can see a huge frog and a little pond with frogs, I mean this party is filled with frogs!

Also there's a shop filled with awesome "Rare" stuff!
Also a shop here.

Wow lots of exciting things in there!

Also there's two claws that have Lion Plushies! Not Giant Lion Plushies.

I think the plushies are super cute. Don't you think they are? Here's my most favorite part of this party...The Slide! It's pretty much the biggest slide I've seen in Jamaa, it's super fun and it gives you the Rush!

That's all today bye jammers!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giant Penguin Plushie

Today's item is a Giant Penguin Plushie! It's at the Animal Museum in Appondale.

Also LoveLost found a new name that you can pick when you make a new animal.

Happy day Jammers!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lionfish Helmet

Here's today's item it's a ocean item called, Lionfish Helmet! Now it can go with the Lionfish Armor. This item is at Barhari Bargains. Make sure to pick it up today!

Also I made my own signature!

For now it will be in every post I make! Happy day Jammers!

Lion Membership Certificates

Finally they have a lion certificate you can buy it on Animal Jam Outfitters and it's for the original price on the Lion Cards in the stores! Exciting right? And they say that they are for a limited time. Also there's some new stuff in stores.

They have a new game in the Sol Arcade! Phantom's Treasure!

Also a new flag in the Flag Shop! Northern Mariana Islands!

And short reminder you can only buy Lion certificates in the US/Canada only! And ask your parents first!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Topiary

Here's today's item, it's a Penguin Topiary! It is in the Animal Museum in Appondale.

Also AJ HQ has new wallpaper! You can check it out at their blog! AJ HQ's Blog!

Have a fun day Jammers!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jam-A-Gram from AJ HQ

I don't know why they sent us this it's very strange I wish that it would be something else than gems, but thanks anyway AJ HQ!

New Underwater Item

Here's a new item it's called Lionfish Armor, it's at Barhari Bargains. I was hoping something more exciting. :L Sorry if this is a really short post.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Recycling Animals is Way Better Than Before!

I'm happy now cause they re did the animal slots! Instead of wasting all of your money on animals, but when you recycle them you get 500 gems! That's half the price of 1000 gems!

Have fun with your new penguins and there's some lurking new stuff around Jamaa! And sorry if the picture is alittle messed up!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penguins are Here!!!!

Yay finally after two weeks of boring stuff and then PENGUINS came! I'm so happy, I love this little fluffy creatures they are for members though. :( But also there's more new stuff in Jamaa as well.

In Jam-Mart Clothing, Curly Wig!

In Animal Museum, a new banner!

In Chamber of Knowledge, a Penguin Statue!

In the music shop, Sol Arcade Music!

Also there seems to be a Leap Year, so there's a extra day in this year of 2012! They will be giving out new rares and other awesome stuff! On February 29th which is the extra day of the year!

Also a glitch I've found it was a smoothie in the air? I was like who left their smoothie?

This was a old glitch, but I think it returned now. Also there's a new party! It's called Heat Wave Party. It has slides and all sorts of other beachy fun under the sun!

There's new Jam-A-Grams too, check em out! Here they are.

Have a awesome time with your penguins!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Penguins coming tonight

Sorry if it's a late post, but penguins are coming tonight at maybe 12:00 AM or more but mostly 12:00 AM. Make sure to get Clearance items too! Prepare to get waddle-fided (don't know how to spell it, oh well lol :D). Waddle Waddle Waddle. o3o


Monday, February 13, 2012

Petpetfan0268's Den!

I looked at petpetfan0268's den and it's so awesome! I loved it, was pretty crowded though. I love his den! Here is some of petpetfan0268's den!

I'd like to do other EPIC dens as well. :)
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