Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly Gift (March)

There is a update today! And there's lots of new items, here's the monthly gift for March.

And here's the gift that goes with the card.

Elf Tail Armor! They haven't released for public yet, maybe they will post about it. So here's some of the new things around Jamaa. In Jam Mart Clothing, it seems Hat and Curly Wig is on Clearance,

In Jam Mart Furniture,

Also a new den!

And a new plushie.

Also new Jam-A-Grams,

Also now you can put pets in your den!

Also there's a new Journey Book.. Mt.Shiveer!

Also they are going to make updates with Crystal Sands, maybe they'll bring back the old Crystal Sands? Well find out later!

That's all Jammers! Next up is Lucky Party!

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