Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Eye Spreads in Animal Jam

Ok, so I heard that one of my friends found a new glitch it's called pink eye it only works on rhinos though so you have to be member to be a rhino, when you sit down make sure your gray not pink(or else i'll be hard to see it)and you see pink around the eye, my friends said that it looks nasty but I think it's cool that we found a new glitch in Jamma and watch out or you'll Spread the Pink Eye Around Jamma!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello Jammers! I am Countess Sunnyviolet and i'll be your answer on AJNewsBlog! I will put new posts on this Blog every week for you. And I will talk about Animal Jam News! Today I made a Blog because I want people to know every single thing about this game! Also I have a special news report, Gloves are back! even though its been days people are excited about this because back then Gloves used to be not that popular but since they were out of the stores! The hunt for the glove was on everyone in Jamma desired for the glove and sometimes gave all of their rares for just one glove, but now the hunt is over until then.


Ok so you've heard the news? The new animals are comin to Animal Jam so what are they? What people are saying they are a Dolphin and a Shark. Still the ocean is comin which means new games,new places,and new secrets that are waiting to be discovered! So look out for new stuff that are hiding! And I don't know if the new animals are going to be members or for free players!
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