Friday, December 16, 2011

New Jamaaliday Stuff in Animal Jam!

New stuff are here! I'm so excited for the new animal I knew it would be a horse but you can change it into any kind of mammal like Zebra,Unicorn,Moose,Pegasus and much more! Also new items.
Heres the new items in the stores too. :)

In Jamaa clothing are Reindeer Mask and Hat & Beard.

In the Jamaa Furniture is Reindeer Poop(don't know why they made that),Giant Candy Cane,and New Years Firework.
In the Hot Cocoa Shop in Mt.Shiver is Antlers and Faerie Wings.

In the Animal Museum are the trees from last year! :D
In the Bahari Bargains is a Candy Cane Crown and a Candy Cane Tiara! And they are for everyone! :)
And in the Sunken Treasures is a Dolphin Submersible and The Ocean Plug! Don't pull it!

Also theres a new feature! You can go to parties! I love Play Wild Party! Which party do you think is the best?

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