Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aviator Hat and Other New Stuff!

There's some items I missed yesterday and today but I'm making up my late posts. In Jam Mart Clothing you can find a awesome Aviator Hat! It looks like one of those pilot hats, maybe it is!

Also in the Sunken Treasures you can find a cool Jellyfish Lamp!

In the Epic Wonders you can find a Silver Glove for all Jammers!

And in the Penguins Only Party you can find a Igloo for your pet to chill in!

Cya Jammers!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Items!

When you log in there's a new home page on Animal Jam!

Also the Fireworks Fountain from last year, is here! Also the Octopus Chair!

Also at the Summer Carnival you can find a Moon Balloon at the shop!
Cya Jammers!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Dresser!

There's a new Ice Dresser at the Penguin Only Party! Get this chilly dresser in your den!
Also Snowyclaw has been working on the Jamaasian Movement and I do too want to be a Jamaasian! The history and culture just really makes it interesting, so I wanna help Snowyclaw get more people to go into the Jamaasian Movement! No one cares if your not into it or anything but if you wanna join, that's fine! Meaning of Our History   - (I'm just putting some of Snowyclaws Jamaasian Movement post links!)- Jamaasian Movement Begins   - Jamaa History  - Snowyclaw's Posts of Shaman Stories and History of Jamaa. Cya Jammers!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom Capes!

Today's Monday Rare is a Freedom Cape! Get the cape before it's gone! It costs 700 gems and it's on the 2nd page of Jam-Mart-Clothing.
Cya Jammers!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Underwater Necklaces!

 I found some awesome necklaces in the Barhari Bargains! The Mermaid  Necklace and the Sand Dollar Necklace! Also there's a new Star Rug in the Jam Mart Furniture!

I hope you like the new items! Cya Jammers!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beret and Penguin Mat!

Apparently Penguin Mats were from yesterday I just didn't notice them!
And in the Jam-Mart- Clothing you can find a nice Beret!

I think you can like a French person in that hat! Bonjour! Cya Jammers!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Balloon!

There's finally another new item in the Summer Carnival! It's called Sun Balloon.

And there's double gems at Gem Breaker! Make sure to play it before the next update! Oh I almost forgot, the answer to those who couldn't figure out what the next animal is. It's a fox! Foxes are very clever, like me! They are a very beautiful creature so I would treat them good and gentle! Here's some pictures of foxes to make you feel excited! :D White foxes, gray foxes, black and orange foxes, also some completely black foxes! They are all different in color so there's tons of combinations! 

I hope your thrilled to see the new foxes coming to Jamaa!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Freedom Plushies!

There's something new at the summer carnival! It's Freedom Plushies!

They look very patriotic for the 4th of July! There's also the new Journey Book in Crystal Sands!
Alittle sneak at the Crystal Sands Journey Book.
Also in the next two weeks a new pet is going to arrive at your local pet shop! :D
And a new animal is coming to Jamaa! It's very clever, sly, and red to black to white to gray. It starts with the letter F. Can you figure it out? I bet you can! Here's another hint: It likes to eat chickens, and lives in many parts of the world! If you can't figure it out I'll post the answer in my next post!!
Also don't forget to get your Hummingbird Packs! It comes with a free hummingbird pet and a hummingbird feeding and caring set for your den! Also a 1 month membership! Only for $8.99! Click Here To Buy It!

There's also a 50% off sale at the Sol Arcade for the games in the shop! They only cost about 200 gems!

Also the nice decorations that Animal Jam has set up for 4th of July! You can see them around Jamaa! There's also some today items at the Epic Wonders and Jam-Mart-Clothing!
Cya Jammers! Have a jamtastic day!

Non Member Penguins!

Hey Jammers I got exciting news! Penguins are now for everyone!

Non members seem very happy about their new penguins!! :D
I'm happy that non members can have a animal that they can enjoy! :)

Flags Return to AJ

Okay I'm kinda happy and really mad at AJ HQ for bringing back Flags because I traded a Robot and a Jester Hat for a flag months ago! You can find the Flag in Jam-Mart-Clothing. (I can't get a picture in here because there's something wrong with my screenshot, I'll get it running smoothly again. I also can't upload images on here!) Cya Jammers! ~kittins3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love flipflops so much I like to wear them at the beach alot and outside but mostly I just wear my tennis shoes/running shoes. In Jam-Mart Clothing there's a new item, I might have another party in my den! And yesterday was Monday Rare, it was a Freedom Mask!

There's also a few items I missed in the past few days.
And I missed the Pufferfish Armor too,

I hope I got everything!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today's item is the extremely rare beta Blanket! In Jam-Mart-Clothing.

Crazy Derby Score

When I was playing Jamaa Derby and when four people passed the finish line I saw four people including me in first place! Take a look at the picture I took after the race!

Cya Jammers!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Rare

There's a new item it's in the Mt.Shiveer shop, it costs 800 gems but it's non member!

Cya later Jammers sorry if it's a short post!
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