Sunday, December 18, 2011

So Far So Good.

We had a great month with some excitment and the rares coming back and the everyday gifts when you log in! In Jamaaliday Jam you see some stuff like a gingerbread house(not the member gift that comes in mail)the one by the fireplace down stairs that could be a gift tommorrow or the next day! Also you see a Sack of Presents downstairs too. Those will maybe be the next presents we get! The first gift was a Snowflake rug.

The second gift was 200 gems.

The third gift was a Snow Man Family.

The forth gift was a nice Winter Window.

Animal Jam put a new feature where you can go to AJ HQ's Parties! Theres two different parties: Jamaaliday Jam,and Play Wild Party.
In Play Wild Party you can dance on the floors and they light up also people are asking how to get the Glowsticks well you click the Green Phantom on the wall.

And then you get a Glowstick, there are four colors Blue,Red,Yellow,and Green.
In Jamaaliday Jam theres a s'more campfire, ice rink, slides, and a candy bowl it gives candy canes. Also fireplace. :3
And heres a random picture of a mini gingerbread house in the Jamaaliday Jam Party.

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