Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Discovery Book

People are all over the ocean now! Trying to find the plants and animals some are still trying to find the Jellyfish, and the Whale, and the Eel. Also the Sea Cow I completed one ocean which is the Crystal Reef. The prize is a Pufferfish Plushie, when you click on it it puffs up and when you click on it again it goes back to it's normal size. When people first saw in my den they were like "Whoa!", all I need is to finish Deep Blue and im done with that one. Keep your eyes peeled if you see the Sea Cow and the Eel. Also the Jellyfish.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Day of the Phantoms!

Happy Halloween to Animal Jam! Your minds are going to be blown away! Because the place is going to be spooked and you find new stuff in the shops like the Scary Horns for Free Members. And there are portals that go to the otherside to Phantom Vortex! There is a game were you have to keep the Phantoms away from your candy  and when you beat level 5 you get a Tall Phantom Statue that comes in different types of colors including Red,Purple,Green,blue,and Yellow! And they also got new furniture. And go online to see how spooked you can get!
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