Monday, June 17, 2013

New Rare Monday Item and Backround and Everything!!!!

Today's item is the Rare Pink Sofa from Jam Mart Furniture, hurry and get the Rare Item Monday! It's on the 16th page and costs 900 gems (OMG)!
There's a few posts on The Daily Explorer so make sure to check those out! 

Also you may notice a few different things I changed in the blog like the backround and the banner! The banner is a little big but it will do great!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Summer and I lied

I'm sorry about not posting when I said I would post more often I've been thinking of starting a fresh new blog or wiki about beta items and other old Animal Jam stuff! I don't know though, being a blogger is really hard, especially if you're alone on your blog, and it's really hard to find a trustful moderator. You know Snowyclaw? She's a great and kind blogger I've been going to her blog since the day I joined Animal Jam, shes a very dependable girl, she got really famous I've always wanted to be her friend but I understand that she only adds certain people only, we have met a couple of times but I barely got to talk to her because she has other important stuff to do like school and all of that stuff. I make Youtube videos my channel name is JumpyyJosie, I'd love it if you would subscribe. But I like doing blogging better because it feels like I'm actually talking to you Jammers! I might blog about epic dens and other stuff!!! Thank you for reading my fantastic blog! I have really awesome past Animal Jam stuff on here so feel free to embrace the past!

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