Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Summer and I lied

I'm sorry about not posting when I said I would post more often I've been thinking of starting a fresh new blog or wiki about beta items and other old Animal Jam stuff! I don't know though, being a blogger is really hard, especially if you're alone on your blog, and it's really hard to find a trustful moderator. You know Snowyclaw? She's a great and kind blogger I've been going to her blog since the day I joined Animal Jam, shes a very dependable girl, she got really famous I've always wanted to be her friend but I understand that she only adds certain people only, we have met a couple of times but I barely got to talk to her because she has other important stuff to do like school and all of that stuff. I make Youtube videos my channel name is JumpyyJosie, I'd love it if you would subscribe. But I like doing blogging better because it feels like I'm actually talking to you Jammers! I might blog about epic dens and other stuff!!! Thank you for reading my fantastic blog! I have really awesome past Animal Jam stuff on here so feel free to embrace the past!

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