Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! And you know what that means...HORSES! And I'll be putting up a new poll!

Funny Glitch

When you put a Chicken Hat or Reindeer Mask on your elephant this weird glitch happens when you sleep your thing on your nose floats in and out.
The Reindeer Mask.

The Chicken Hat.

Gift Numba 17 (weird gift)

Ok this is like the weirdest gift ever I mean like WEIRD! And I feel bad for the boys but some do like purses right? But yea I feel bad for em...They have Bow And Arrows at least. Anyway perfect for girls! Yea! xD

Friday, December 30, 2011

Random :o

Heres a random post lol I was playing with mah friend and heres a picture I took :)

Gift Numba 16!!!!

My heart stopped from this lol so yea its a awesome Bow And Arrows!!!!!!!!!!

They come in different colors too.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Message :D :) :3

I got my reply from AJ HQ Support for my message I sent them about why there was no update click on the picture to make it bigger and read it! (and yes my real name is Josie).

It was from Dan hehe I love that name and he said "The update is coming soon!" I want to know when! And they are trying to wrangle all of the horses so its taking alittle longer for them to work out the update but they will have it!

Pizzadrop Again?

Heres pizzadrop with his Blanket from Best Dressed he traded for it but I'm still wondering how did the person that got the Blanket before trading it to pizzadrop get it?

Gift Numba 15

Yep it's just gems. -.- Also they didn't have a update...which is weird.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Code

The new code that I found out from WitchHatBunny and Pangaea is Jamaalidays, It really works! And it gives you 500 gems! Also the update might be tonight because it's almost Thursday, they said on 1st of Jan but I don't know also Top Hats might come but maybe it's a rumor. This was just a short post.

Fact Glitch

When I was hiding from a person with my friend I found this fact in the middle of nowhere I was surprized I didn't know that there was a glitch in Jamaaliday Jam Party.

Anyway I was enjoying my s'more it was yummy. :D

Gift Numba 14

Heres the other gift and it's not from Jamaaliday Jam Party either it's a Phantom Ice Statue! Looks like a Phantom got frozen!

Another Strange Glitch in Best Dressed

When I was playing Best Dressed and this was when I was in first round and then this crazy weird strange glitch just popped up! And you look at the thing that tells you what kind of theme it is, well it says Prettiest/Handsomest! Also I didn't get voted cause of this stupid glitch! Look st this picture I took.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glitch in Best Dressed

When you play Best Dressed you having fun and then when you try to vote someone you like all a sudden the person goes black and you can't vote for that person...well that happens to me heres some pictures of the glitch.

I don't know why this happens but I hope AJ HQ fixes this. And those faces they making are scary. O.O

The Mysterious Sizzlerat

I know that Horseyhorse seen Sizzlerat with mysterious items which are unspeakable to explain about and how they came or where they came one knows. And last month Sizzlerat was using the Joy emotion over and over. The only evidence is that the only thing sizzlerat said was "Testing testing" and it had a smaller version of a smiley.

The items that sizzlerat had on her:
-Blue Elf Tail Armor
-lion with a bigger mane
-legs with more fur
-New Den Items(unknown)

New Pet:

New Feature:
-Picture emoticons in chat box(strange wonder what it looks like)

For all I know is that sizzlerat is possibly an AJ HQ Worker that tests new stuff that we don't even know about but her.


When I got on today I saw XxJordanxX I said hi to her and she said hi back to me hehe :3

Also when I was in Jamaa Township a person was swearing this persons username was puppypanda she said the F word in **** symbols I was pretty shocked but she didn't care. Report this swearer.

Report puppypanda for swearing and breaking one of Animal Jam Rules please.

Gift Numba 13

I could've maybe knew a pond would come but I love it except I slipped on it. :( It's called Frozen Pond.

Monday, December 26, 2011


When I was following my friend I had the Walk on Walls glitch!

And this is an annoying, also new glitch I found remember that glitch when you switch animals and all of your animals say Princess Orangemountain? Samething but much worst you can't click out of it! You'll have to refresh the page. So I hope that AJ HQ fixes this pesky glitch. And after I refreshed was back to normal!
This was before I refreshed it.

This is after I refreshed it, now its normal...for now.

Gift Numba 12

Some more gems today and even though it's not Christmas anymore AJ HQ will maybe keep up gifts until Dec 31st- Jan 1st

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gift Numba 11

Heres maybe the last gift for the Jamaalidays! It's a Bag of Gifts.

Winning Tee

Looks like the Lone Wolf Tee is the most favorite tee so yay hehe ^-^ And Merry Christmas :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gift Numba 10

It's tastey, and yummy, its a mini size for a Gingerbread House Den! its a Gingerbread house!

I knew there would be a Gingerbread house! :D

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift Numba 9 and AJ HQ Message

Heres gift numba 9 its called Amone Head Bow they come in different colors like blue,Christmas colors,yellow,purple,red,and pink.
And then when I was on playing with my friends an AJ HQ Message was brought up I was like oh no those pesky Phantoms! >:(

I hope they fix it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Make a Snowy Blog

First you go to Design(make sure your logged in).

Then go to Layout and click on Add A Gagect.

And then click on HTML/JavaScript (click on the + sign).

Next you make sure the title is blank.

Then type in this code in the "Content" box.

If this doesn't help much go to WitchHatBunny's blog she has more information about it.

Gift Numba 8

Heres the most wanted gift the fireplace! Maybe the next one will be a sack of presents or just plain old gems.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Same glitch that happened to WitchHatBunny

I was checking my friends list until BAM! I couldn't see my stupid friends list so I had to refresh my page it only took one refresh to make the glitch go away.

Gift numba 7

Heres the 7th gift isn't it awesome looking? I think it looks cute.

Non Member Elephant?

I went to this person's den and look a non member elephant? Shes prolly a hacker so I reported her. Report her.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crazy Glitch

When I was in Coral Canyons I went to Jamaa Township and then this happened I was really in Jamaa Township but it looked like I was in Coral Canyons and people were on walls and sutff and the thing where it tells where you are is on Jamaa Township but it looks like im in Coral Canyons and the thing kept on loading forever.

Weird glitches during the holidays these days.

Gift numba 6

Gems again -sighs- I want the fireplace so bad >.< Anyway they gave us 350 gems.

I have some snow in my blog! :D

I read how to put snow falling on your blog so I read WitchHatBunny's blog and she wrote how to make snow falling on your blog just go to

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Beta Player with WitchHatBunnies Old Account Short Name May

I was typing random things like the December and October and stuff and when I typed May cause you know WitchHatBunny my most favorite blogger. This beta player has Elf Braclets. Look at these pictures :3

Gift Numba Five! :D

Gift number five is a snow angel :D

It looks awesome in my den while it blends with the snow in my yummy gingerbread house den. :3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weird Random Dancing Koalas

When I was Jamaa Township I heard this person say "WEIRD DANCING KOALAS IN EPIC WONDERS!" So I went there and this is what I saw.

It was so random! I was laughing when someone threw a banana at one of the Weird Koalas. Ok so I hope you like of what I did to the blog cause I added a little game called fish you click and the fish eat the fish food! Also I made a new page called Trading Central. And make sure to follow my blog!

So Far So Good.

We had a great month with some excitment and the rares coming back and the everyday gifts when you log in! In Jamaaliday Jam you see some stuff like a gingerbread house(not the member gift that comes in mail)the one by the fireplace down stairs that could be a gift tommorrow or the next day! Also you see a Sack of Presents downstairs too. Those will maybe be the next presents we get! The first gift was a Snowflake rug.

The second gift was 200 gems.

The third gift was a Snow Man Family.

The forth gift was a nice Winter Window.

Animal Jam put a new feature where you can go to AJ HQ's Parties! Theres two different parties: Jamaaliday Jam,and Play Wild Party.
In Play Wild Party you can dance on the floors and they light up also people are asking how to get the Glowsticks well you click the Green Phantom on the wall.

And then you get a Glowstick, there are four colors Blue,Red,Yellow,and Green.
In Jamaaliday Jam theres a s'more campfire, ice rink, slides, and a candy bowl it gives candy canes. Also fireplace. :3
And heres a random picture of a mini gingerbread house in the Jamaaliday Jam Party.
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