Thursday, August 29, 2013

My new username

I changed my username to ForeverFree3 (I still kept the 3 lol xD) but you can still call me kittins, I'd really love that! <333

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Rare Monday Item and Backround and Everything!!!!

Today's item is the Rare Pink Sofa from Jam Mart Furniture, hurry and get the Rare Item Monday! It's on the 16th page and costs 900 gems (OMG)!
There's a few posts on The Daily Explorer so make sure to check those out! 

Also you may notice a few different things I changed in the blog like the backround and the banner! The banner is a little big but it will do great!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Summer and I lied

I'm sorry about not posting when I said I would post more often I've been thinking of starting a fresh new blog or wiki about beta items and other old Animal Jam stuff! I don't know though, being a blogger is really hard, especially if you're alone on your blog, and it's really hard to find a trustful moderator. You know Snowyclaw? She's a great and kind blogger I've been going to her blog since the day I joined Animal Jam, shes a very dependable girl, she got really famous I've always wanted to be her friend but I understand that she only adds certain people only, we have met a couple of times but I barely got to talk to her because she has other important stuff to do like school and all of that stuff. I make Youtube videos my channel name is JumpyyJosie, I'd love it if you would subscribe. But I like doing blogging better because it feels like I'm actually talking to you Jammers! I might blog about epic dens and other stuff!!! Thank you for reading my fantastic blog! I have really awesome past Animal Jam stuff on here so feel free to embrace the past!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello Jammers! I'm back for more posts and more! I really wanted to take a long vacation from all of  the blog labor. So I hope I still have a few Jammers that view my blog, because a lot can happen after a few months. I'll be posting soon and I might have to edit some things on my blog before posting!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cold Season and Bamboo

Great I'm sick which sucks!!!! >:C Stuffy nose, sore throat, and watery eyes. At least I'm not coughing which spreads the cold even more, how I got sick with the cold? Someone was coughing in my face in school!!! T^T So yea make sure you keep your hands washed with warm water and soap, cover you mouth with your sleeve or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Cause you do not want to be sick (you don't want to get someone else sick either)! Okay so today you can find the Bamboo plant in Treetop Gardens, Sarepia Forest.

AJHQ posted something new on the Daily Explorer! It's about safety and being nice.
That's all today Jammers, have a jamtasic day!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Blog Look!

I'm editing the blog for Day of The Phantoms! I'm still keeping the leaves on the blog because I think they look really nice with the blog. So yea, I'm changing some blog colors and stuff but after October is over I'm changing it to Thanksgiving style! Hope you enjoy the Halloween Edition of Animal Jam Tornado!

I edited the backround with Imgur, a great image editor, I made the colors more bright and stuff, I also added some text in it! :) Hope you like it. I remember Animal Jam's last Halloween, it was a blast! I'm pretty excited about this year, and the year after! I'm still thinking of what I'm going to be this year's Halloween! You can comment below to give me some ideas (it has to appropriate).

Passion Flower

Today's item is a beautiful arch with Passion Flowers! You can find it in Treetop Gardens!

AJHQ posted something new on the Daily Explorer! It's another one of those Plushie Mania posts, Koala Plushies.

Remember to get your Summer Carnival prizes, cause it's the day the Summer Carnival disappears until next year's summer! A fast way to get tickets for your prizes is getting some gems and go to the ticket shop!
That's all today Jammers, have a great day! :)

Barrel Sponge

Another old item has returned to Jamaa, it's called the Barrel Sponge! You can find it in Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove.

That's all for now Jammers.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rare Arctic Hood

It's Monday so that means the Monday Rare is in stores for only today! You can find it in the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer. I think it looks really cool.

AJHQ posted about it on The Daily Explorer too. Remember last week they posted a accident on their blog? The Rare Arctic Hood was purple.

Well that's all for today Jammers!!

Baby Palm Tree

You can find the Baby Palm Tree in Sarepia Forest, Treetop Gardens. How do you think when the rares come back?

AJHQ posted a new post on the Daily Explorer. It's another Jamaa Mystery post.

Also if you look close you can see a new icon by the Gems icon. Well it's a notepad with a pushpin in it, I wonder what it's for, it might be for the next update? I also wonder why would they put it in the picture even though we don't have it yet.

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