Twisting Codes!

Right here in Twisting Codes, You'll be able to see new codes! You know how hard AJ HQ are making codes for Jammers all around! And right here, I'll be able to help you get the codes and gems you need!~ kittins3
Twisting Codes:
- 10MILLION - gives a 10 Million Jammer Banner
- AJHQ3000 - gives 500 gems
- ngkidsrox - gives 1000 gems
- bemybuddy - gives 500 gems

How To Enter Codes,
Before you log in Animal Jam you should see this right at front screen you should see this.

Then you enter your username and password and enter one of the codes on my list in the "Code (optional)" section. Here's a example.

Remember these codes only work once per account, unless you have another account that you haven't used the code on. Happy Jamming!

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