Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weird Glitch or Whatever

Wow when I changed my animal and clicked on the picture of my animal I got this and it showed me a pet symbol for trading hmmm maybe in the future we will be able to trade pets! Heres the picture I took. And look in the backround in there isn't my name.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get your Mighty Lion!

I'm getting one for christmas so thats awesome news to you and me! And make sure you get yours today because they are in stores. And they cost about $16 for a gift card. You buy the card, scratch the stuff on it, get on your computer, go on, and go to membership, click reveal gift card, and punch in code, chose your prize (would go for lion pack), and enjoy your Mighty Lion!

And heres the prizes:

New Colors and Stuff!

Yay new colors I've chose the dark brown colors I was so excited.

Also a new pet is coming I think its a Reindeer cause I see antlers which is pretty awesome!

And make sure you get a monthly gift! I think it's a Ginger Bread House.

New Stuff for Jamaa

New colors, new clothing, and something strange in Coral Canyons: when I was on after the update I was on really late and I saw this strange structure.

I was like "What could that be?" I hope its something so awesome like a shop or a new game. Well find out later or so!
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