Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Mysterious Sizzlerat

I know that Horseyhorse seen Sizzlerat with mysterious items which are unspeakable to explain about and how they came or where they came from...no one knows. And last month Sizzlerat was using the Joy emotion over and over. The only evidence is that the only thing sizzlerat said was "Testing testing" and it had a smaller version of a smiley.

The items that sizzlerat had on her:
-Blue Elf Tail Armor
-lion with a bigger mane
-legs with more fur
-New Den Items(unknown)

New Pet:

New Feature:
-Picture emoticons in chat box(strange wonder what it looks like)

For all I know is that sizzlerat is possibly an AJ HQ Worker that tests new stuff that we don't even know about but her.


  1. strange i will keep a eye out...(yesh i know its 2012

  2. sizzlerat is with AJ HQ. she has that stuff becuz its probably coming out soon. They did say elf tail armor came out for a small time in the beta days, or when AJ first started.


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