Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Eye Spreads in Animal Jam

Ok, so I heard that one of my friends found a new glitch it's called pink eye it only works on rhinos though so you have to be member to be a rhino, when you sit down make sure your gray not pink(or else i'll be hard to see it)and you see pink around the eye, my friends said that it looks nasty but I think it's cool that we found a new glitch in Jamma and watch out or you'll Spread the Pink Eye Around Jamma!


  1. Cool! I've seen it before. - harhargirl

  2. I have seen that glitch before it's not really a glitch cause the people from beta times have them.But yeah I guess it IS a glitch now.Btw you know those vampire masks from halloween?Well on the elephant you can see what there colors were from beta.Cool right?Also,you know the reindeer antlers?On the elephant I think it was you can see them insideout.AJHQ may have fixed those glitches already though.

  3. now on the rhinos they r inside out..... mad me want to puke

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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