Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Reminder!

Make sure to be ready! And bringing Lucky Day clothing is optional. Make sure to be nice to other party animals! Also I'll be taking some pictures to put on my blog! If you forgot the time or whatever you can check out this link to the post with the information: Party Information Here! If I don't make it means that like it's actually my mom's birthday and if I don't make it I'll put the party on Saturday. We are going to a restaurant called Perkins I might NOT actually make it to the party. So it might be moved to Saturday. :( So remember Saturday!


  1. Idl if I can make it either :(, I might have to meet somebody on aj and I havent seen the person in a while, so I might not make it butnill be on aj cuz the mettings on aj... But if the person is not on I'll go to the party! C ya.

  2. Kittins! My friend, EagleEye34/cheese34 made a picture tribute to her best buds on AJ and sent the pic in to the HQ! She put it in a post on her blog... Here's the link to the post!
    *Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the pic ;)


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