Thursday, March 15, 2012

New stuff and Jellyfish!

Finally it was actually 3 weeks I think? Anyway there's new exciting stuff! And Elf Braclets are on Clearance. There's something exciting in Crystal Sands! Tierney's Aquarium! Here's what it looks on the outside.

Here's what it looks like in the inside!

Upstairs. They have a awesome fish view too.

They have a game in there which you can get prizes from.

Also a special exit that leads to Kani Cove!

They also have a theater! Here's what it looks like inside.

Also the new animal which is an Octopus is coming out next update!

Also there's a new pet called the Jellyfish!!!

Here's what mine looks like.

Jellyfish can play music! Wonderful music! :3

Also they have a new party! And it's only for wolves only! It's called Wolves Only Party.

I'll be making a new post for that party soon! And AJ is finally making another contest and there can only be 3 winners! Hope I get mine in right away.

I'll be putting the Clearance items on my clearance blog: Tornado Warning! Make sure to check it out to find out the clearance items! Happy Jamming!

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