Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penguins are Here!!!!

Yay finally after two weeks of boring stuff and then PENGUINS came! I'm so happy, I love this little fluffy creatures they are for members though. :( But also there's more new stuff in Jamaa as well.

In Jam-Mart Clothing, Curly Wig!

In Animal Museum, a new banner!

In Chamber of Knowledge, a Penguin Statue!

In the music shop, Sol Arcade Music!

Also there seems to be a Leap Year, so there's a extra day in this year of 2012! They will be giving out new rares and other awesome stuff! On February 29th which is the extra day of the year!

Also a glitch I've found it was a smoothie in the air? I was like who left their smoothie?

This was a old glitch, but I think it returned now. Also there's a new party! It's called Heat Wave Party. It has slides and all sorts of other beachy fun under the sun!

There's new Jam-A-Grams too, check em out! Here they are.

Have a awesome time with your penguins!!!!!

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