Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Stuff and No Penguins Yet

Yay new stuff is here! And sadly penguins didn't come out yet but new stuff are here!

In the Jam mart clothing,

In Jam Mart Den Items,

In Bahari Bargains,

In the music shop,

In Flag shop,


There's something so cool in Jamaa Township it's called Sol Arcade! It has all of these new arcades! Most are same as the others but some are new!

Also spotted a few strange things in the Sol Arcade like a door and a strange meteorite, also a object with a blanket covering it.

Also there's Phantom Invasion game if you pick the right color and the phantom puts the color shield you choose you get a toy!

Also I got this weird and strange message from AJ HQ they say that Royal Garden is leaving! I better get one fast!

Reminder, my party is tomorrow! be there!

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