Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Party!!!

Today we have the rare monday item and lots of more stuff! I'll talk about the Leap Year Party! So now about the Lionfish Armors, they are the Rare Monday item?! Anyway make sure you get them before they go away!

Also there's a new flag in the Flag Shop.

Now for the Leap Year Party! First when you enter you see a fact icon!

When you click it, shows a fact about Leap Year.

Also on the ladder you can see a huge frog and a little pond with frogs, I mean this party is filled with frogs!

Also there's a shop filled with awesome "Rare" stuff!
Also a shop here.

Wow lots of exciting things in there!

Also there's two claws that have Lion Plushies! Not Giant Lion Plushies.

I think the plushies are super cute. Don't you think they are? Here's my most favorite part of this party...The Slide! It's pretty much the biggest slide I've seen in Jamaa, it's super fun and it gives you the Rush!

That's all today bye jammers!

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  1. /).(\ i traded a spike for a top hat i feel stupid


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