Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eye Glitch

When I was switching my eye type and then all a sudden the boy eye was raspberry color!

It looked like it was this eye:

I've seen this glitch in a blog before...But it kinda looks like the evil eye type.


  1. impressive blog.... mine is can u add me on aj?!?!?! i love your blog soooo much! i am also a reporter for bubbledoo1 and im friends with all famous jammers...

    1. Sure and thanks and I'm a report of Bubbledoo1 too and I'm happy you love my blog and I'll add you ^-^

    2. Or you can add me cause I really don't know your username

  2. O3O wowz I never heard of that glitch thx a bunches for posting it on ur blog! :D


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