Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowyclaw's Den!

I went to Snowyclaw's den and it was awesome looking so I decided to put her/his den picture on my blog!

And upstairs was fantastic! I loved it!
I would give her den a thumbs up because it's a fantastic den of hers/his.


  1. hi kittins...this is XxJordanxX so yeah..
    you told me to comment so i did..
    so yeah..

  2. Dear snowy claw,
    I was wondering if you can look at my den and if it's good you would post it on your blog?


    1. I'm not snowyclaw but sure I'll look at your den and look at it :) and maybe post it on my blog.

  3. @kittins3
    Very glad you liked my den kittins! ^.^ I'm honored to have it featured on your blog.

    I'm sure your den is amazing, but I can't post a single person's den on my blog. I have quite a few jammers looking at my posts and it wouldn't be fair to them, and I'm sure it would anger quite a few. I hope you understand. >.<


  4. Hey, maybe check my den? My nm one that is

  5. Now how many times have I seen SnowyClaws blog and this blog?Heh heh I forgot.All I know is,I have seen both of those blogs WAAY to much!

  6. Dear,

    Could u post my den in this blog???????? and could u put my user and stuff on it also remember or draw it on a peice of paper: shelbyjam. plz send me 1 back at:



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