Thursday, June 21, 2012

Freedom Plushies!

There's something new at the summer carnival! It's Freedom Plushies!

They look very patriotic for the 4th of July! There's also the new Journey Book in Crystal Sands!
Alittle sneak at the Crystal Sands Journey Book.
Also in the next two weeks a new pet is going to arrive at your local pet shop! :D
And a new animal is coming to Jamaa! It's very clever, sly, and red to black to white to gray. It starts with the letter F. Can you figure it out? I bet you can! Here's another hint: It likes to eat chickens, and lives in many parts of the world! If you can't figure it out I'll post the answer in my next post!!
Also don't forget to get your Hummingbird Packs! It comes with a free hummingbird pet and a hummingbird feeding and caring set for your den! Also a 1 month membership! Only for $8.99! Click Here To Buy It!

There's also a 50% off sale at the Sol Arcade for the games in the shop! They only cost about 200 gems!

Also the nice decorations that Animal Jam has set up for 4th of July! You can see them around Jamaa! There's also some today items at the Epic Wonders and Jam-Mart-Clothing!
Cya Jammers! Have a jamtastic day!


  1. Soundlessdreams :3June 23, 2012 at 2:30 PM

    Lol! The plushies are perfect for mah Bday! (July 4th) :D Tho I truly DISLIKE the "GOLD" items. :C


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